Monday, 30 May 2011


I've watch l'Auberge  Espagnole twice in as many days. It reminds me of Iceland in a bittersweet way. And it's a wonderful film.

I miss Iceland so much and I berate myself for leaving, for being a coward, and homesick, and uncertain, and weak - for being young, in fact, and when I think that I have to stop. There are the Young and Reckless, and the Young and Tentative. Much as I may protest, I am the second. It's not all bad. And you shouldn't dislike yourself for being young.

I'm still sad, but keeping my head up as much as I can. I will try to reenter the world now.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

An explanation

Just a little explanation to say why I’ve been absent. I’ve been absent not only from here, but from Facebook and YouTube as well. I haven’t checked my e-mail in weeks, don’t respond to most text messages and actually don't think about anything real in my life.

Things like money, work (not the same as money), song writing, travel, other people and my relationships with them are brushed away.

I’m finding it impossible to cope with anything other than playing piano, reading fantasy books and watching American television. Sometimes I go for a run with my mother.

It sucks and I’m worried I’m going to fuck something up seriously by missing an e-mail or a birthday or a job offer.

But I just can’t cope, so I cheerfully read books and drink tea and wait for the feeling to pass.

I’m an emotional wreck but if I don’t think about it, I don’t feel it and since I can’t afford to get a therapist until I get to Uni (where they apparently arrange it for free) I’ll just have to do that for a while.

I’m just on pause. I still love my friends, I just love myself a little less.

I’m not that upset but that’s because I’m pushing it all to one side. So don’t worry, just be patient.

You know, if there’s anybody actually reading this :D

Monday, 2 May 2011

What? No Roman Numerals?


Well, it looks like I’m blogging again today… but it’s just one of hose “this is the stuff I’m ogling at the moment” posts. Don’t worry, it’s not all about clothes (but mostly)


1. Toms
It’s not necessarily because of the fact that one pair of shoes goes straight to a child in need, seeing as if I’m looking for a cause to support I want to research t carefully and know I’ve picked one I fully support and which has worth and significance. Because I’d rather give £40 to a charity which campaigns against genital mutilation in African tribes than provides poor children with shoes… sidetrack! And a judgmental one at that.

What I like about Toms is that they’re simple, and [look] comfortable, and on top of that they’re affordable! Oh, and then there’s the added benefit that some kid gets them for free everytime you buy a pair.

Now wait, I’ve just had a thought… if I bought 1000 pairs of Toms, and 1000 kids got the Toms, and I then returned my 1000 pairs because ‘none of them fit’…would that work?

image image

2. Zara
Zara, being a Spanish fashion store, retails different items to those found identically in Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse, Oasis and other such British-owned high-street shops. Zara is a little bit pricier, but as well as stocking a wider range of higher quality clothes, they always sell basics which I have great respect for.

I binged. I ‘bought’ several items, of which I plan to return most, from their online store, and I can’t WAIT until they arrive! It wasn’t very daring since I couldn’t quite work up the guts to try out an orange silk shirt or bright green chinos, but it will all come in time…

image image imageimage image imageimage image

3. Eee Pad

Is it an iPad copycat? Is it a netbook with a detachable keyboard? No, it’s the Asus Eee Pad Transformer!

I’ve been sort of half-semi-kind of researching getting a netbook recently; something which I can take on travels with, or sit in a coffee shop and browse the web/write essays with. I love my Dell Inspiron but I’m looking for somethign a bit more… elfin. Which is where the Eee Pas comes in.

I love this thing. It’s AMAZING.

image image image

What do you think of the Eee Pad? Or have you got an iPad/tablet/netbook you want to tell me about? Please do, if you can.