Saturday, 13 November 2010


I’ve been baking.

When Loa put out the advert for the opening of her new children’s clothing shop, Emil og Lina, she wrote on it: “Miss Potter will be baking.” That’s me… so bake I did. I made Vanille Kipferl, Schokoladenherzen, Basler Leckerli (or tried to – failure because there is no honey) and Experiment Cupcakes.

Why are they called Experiment Cupcakes? Read on…

Find recipe for cupcakes on the internet. Don’t have half the ingredients so make up for it by doubling the amount of banana. Look into cupboard. Chuck in some cocoa powder, then some more because the colour hasn’t changed enough. One teaspoon of cinnamon. Two teaspoons of cinnamon. A tablespoon. Recipe says ginger next? Don’t have any ginger, cloves will do. Oh, I do have ginger. In it goes. Dough’s looking a bit wet. Add a handful of oats to soak up the liquid, then another, then another. Oats are healthy. Ok, now oven. DING! Huh, they look funny. Let me eat one. Yum. Oats are healthy.

I put all the biscuits in a tin but I’m not sure that was a good idea because they taste a bit funny now……… It’s not airtight, and it’s intended for tea.


But, hey, photos!

Sitting in the tin, looking surprisingly evil…

Schokoladenherzen! Or rather, Schokoladenglocke und –mond.

Yeah… I’m not going to claim I baked these, but they taste great!

Experiment Cupcakes!

Crescent-moon Vanille Kipferl.

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