Thursday, 27 October 2011

work hard play hard

Yes, life seems to have gotten on top of me. I’m not behind on my work – I can’t imagine that I ever would be, or at least, let’s hope not – but I’m uncomfortably close to a deadline (16 hours), and I need to spend five of those at language lessons, and at least six sleeping, which really only leaves four! It’s a little bit annoying but this essay will really be ridiculously easy.
However, allow me to pass this time on the updating you thing. Suffice to say, I had my first Georgian lesson (not sure I’ll continue as it’s about as useful as origami), met a long-distance hitch hiker, watched two Monty Python movies in quick succession, got a cold and held a sparkler. Not necessarily in that order.
And yourself?


  1. Georgian? Wow that is um.. yeah. The caucasus is such an interesting region though - incredible language diversity and it is so pretty. :D

  2. And me? got up early, stuffed a chicken, hung up washing in beautiful 16 degrees, read for an hour, made tea for everybody, went for a walk with Bill, then supermarket, pottered around in the garden, washed beetroots from Alan and enjoyed my dirty fingers, went inside and got grumpy because this ment it's Sunday evening, spoke with you, cooked my chicken, suddenly had the urge to clean the house (grumpy anyway, best time for it, really), watched a really nice Stephen Frears film and now I try to pack an go to bed. Russia hasn't changed the clocks back. Go Russia! Schoenen Start in die Woche, Bella!


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