Monday, 14 November 2011


The Great Grey has arrived in Oxford. If you live in the UK you’ll know what I mean by that; and if you don’t, just imagine that the sky has been overrun by cloudlets determined to interrupt photosynthesis. I’m really pleased that my spell-checker allowed the word cloudlet. It might have just made my day.
Conclusion: the sky is grey, and with it, Oxford and its businesses have heralded the arrival of Oxmas with glee. Yes, nowadays Christmas begins ridiculously early almost everywhere - and the UK doesn’t even have Thanksgiving to interrupt the transition from Halloween to Christmas, meaning that I saw a Christmas tree being raised up on the night of the 31st of October in my local TESCO - but I don’t really mind. Firstly, I love the lead-up to Christmas, which far outweighs the celebration itself, and secondly, OXMAS!
It takes place at the end of November, when the Oxford term ends. Well, actually we finish on the 3rd of December so it’s technically in the Christmas month!!! This is how it works: Jesus being born not quite as good as modern day Christmas which is not quite as good as Advent which is not quite as good as Oxmas. It’s going to be spectacular. Or mediocre. Or satisfying… there will be cake and biscuits and presents and sing-song and it’ll be splendiferoustastic! I just hope it snows.
Lately I have: attended an IKEA birthday party; found a house for next year with seven beautiful people; walked through the University parks with some of them; dressed as a goth for a bop (Oxford term for massive party); and best of all, been rained warm beer on in a pub in Bristol during a cheese society meeting where I was tied to a man’s hand and forced to draw kangaroos* .
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*this may be a liberal retelling of the truth.

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  1. This made me laugh!

    Fiona, your comments always come at just the right time - when I most need to know that I'm not crazy.

    Hopefully, someday, I'm going to have another one of those ridiculously long layovers in Europe again, and we can get a cup of coffee.


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