Tuesday, 24 January 2012

career change, age nineteen

Guess what? I'm 19.
Guess what else? That means I have huge changes of heart every five minutes at the drop of a hat.
And guess what else? I don't want to work for charities any more. At least not long term - definitely for a few years after Uni. But it's hard work and you need a a strong will and psyche. The reason I was into the charities idea is the travelling and the doing stuff while travelling rather than just gazing out of a hotel window. And that's definitely the WRONG reason to go into charity work.
So forget that.
My newest career aspiration: I want to work in TV.
No wait come back I'm not kidding.
I used to want to be a writer but that's dead and I'm happy with that. I don't want to be a writer, or an actor, or a composer. None of that creative stuff.
I don't want to be a produces or an executive - no petty politics, please, and no money handling. I've not got the smooth slick charm.
Director? Get it away from me. I would be the worst director in history. I haven't got that kind of vision. I haven't got that kind of natural authority.
I'm good at holding a clipboard. I'm good at juggling schedules and making sure everything happens on time. At the right place. With the right people.
I want to be - wait for it - an assistant director!
You know when you watch the behind-the-scenes, the making-of, the doctor who confidential? And you know how you watch it to see the actors being silly and mucking up their lines? I know I do. But then you know that scurrier, the one with a slightly haunted look in their eye and a desperate smile on their face because that's the only way to destress? The one with a headset and a clipboard and a pen and a parka?
That's me please.

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