Sunday, 3 March 2013

/9/ Body and Soul

7the week was tough. Body and soul. But I don’t want this to be somewhere to whine. So instead of talking about the embarrassing amount of thinking, walking and soul-searching I did, let me show you the rowing and the rugby.

The Rowing

The boat races which happen at the end of Hilary (spring term) are known, for some reason or another, as “Torpids”. I went to watch the event, and support our college teams, on a sunny and chilly Thursday afternoon, and got a chance to try out my epic new lens.

IMG_0256  IMG_0293IMG_0369IMG_0377  IMG_0422IMG_0480

The Rugby

On Saturday, the Exeter College Rugby Team played the so-called “Old Boys Match” against, predictably, a team composed of Exeter alumni. It was a friendly match, and I surprised myself by not only staying for, but enjoying the whole thing. Even though I had pretty much no idea what was going on.

IMG_0506  IMG_0522IMG_0615IMG_0658  IMG_0668IMG_0910


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