Friday, 17 June 2011

I once was a young fool like you

I gave in. Everyone needs a hipster hat. And I love this one, so I got it even though I thought I’d never find a hipster hat I’d like. but I do. Odd side effects though.


Not as in it makes me grow a moustache, but as in it makes me odd.

I applied to some more jobs today (Disney Store, West One, Topshop, The Entertainer, Anne Harvey) but to be honest I’m not holing any hope. If I don’t get a job, perhaps I’ll go do some HelpX work in the Shetlands.

Who knows?

I sure don’t. I’m just going to keep on teaching myself lucid dreaming, playing piano, writing songs, eating too much cake, reading foreign poems I don’t understand and wearing my fucking awesome hat.


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