Saturday, 2 April 2011

ii Strawberry Tea

Inspired by simply breakfast, I concocted this. I’m not feeling that eloquent right now, so just… enjoy. I plan on it. I also thought it would be interesting to show you the before and after photoediting pics.

                    Before                                                After

P1010509    P1010509 COPY

P1010508    P1010508 COPY

I am also instituting a Bloquiry; that is, a Blog-Enquiry. Every day of BEDA I will ask you, the reader a question. As an incentive to reply, I shall dedicate my next post to you and if you have a blog, I’ll do a review/promotion of it! I like the internet community but have never quite got involved in the blog community (unlike YouTube and some forums). This is my attempt :)


Favourite biscuit?

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