Friday, 8 April 2011

viii going on a holiday!

Hi all! This evening I’m going to Oxford for the weekend to stay with my aunt and uncle. Unless there’s a miracle I won’t be able to blog.

Nothing’s new really since this time yesterday evening. Today is super busy. In the two hours I’ve been awake I’ve vacuumed, cleaned floors, cleaned the bathroom, packed my bag, had a shower and written two birthday cards and answered my e-mails. I only have 50 minutes left and I’m getting stressed because I still have cleaning to do!

Today I’ll be going to my old school with a friend (Lola, I mention her from time to time) and hopefully pop in to a place where I saw a job advert, and a coffee shop where I hope to volunteer.

Why, ain’t my life thrillin’?


If you could take a weekend trip to anywhere, where would it be?

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